Nyt fra Actoy

Most children play with the challenge – keep one’s balance.
Some jump from one rock to the next, and others can’t help walking on the edge of the sandpit. If the child doesn’t get its balance-ability stimulated then, it’s tempting to say, the child is easily brought out of balance. The road to body-consciousness and motor skills is paved with games involving the body.
The more interesting games the child can be challenged with, the better motor skills.
With ACTOY stilts on your legs it gets exciting for real, and a bit dangerous! It requires not only balance, but also motor skills and courage, and your senses are sharpened on reflex, benefitting both self-confidence and body-consciousness.

The stilts are strapped onto legs and feet, they are flexible and durable. The height can be changed by replacing the bottom part of the “leg”. There are 5 stilt-models, covering the age-groups from 4 to grown-ups.
The ACTOY-stilt is a fun challenge – and learning how to walk on stilts compares to learning how to ride a bike. It requires a grown-up close at hand.
Does it take a long time to learn how? – No, a lot of children are already familiar with the stilts after 10 minutes; others need a bit more time.
But is it dangerous?
Of course it gets more dangerous the higher up you get. Therefore the stilts are delivered with a standard height of only 35cm.
And it’s just so much fun walking on them.
We wish you joy.

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